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Aseem Healthcare is a global healthcare company that aims to improve patient access to next generation biotherapeutics, vaccines and cell/gene therapy products, by providing state-of-the-art, agile, and rapidly deployable manufacturing support to the life sciences industry.

We are developing a leading biologics, “flexible” modular GMP manufacturing platform, with a focus on providing expertise, production capacity and enhanced supply chain infrastructure globally. We seek to help fill the gaps in regions of the world that lack significant capability in making, testing and distributing biologics.

Under our R&D umbrella we are committed to developing innovative and specialty medicines, and our combined manufacturing and development projects all aim to reduce the cost of goods, save vital manufacturing time and decentralize the production of life saving therapeutics. Our quest is to increase access to these medications, get them to patients sooner and at a cost-effective price that balances the needs of industry and payors.

We believe there are a number of factors that are driving growth in this area:

  • Two thirds of global value of biopharma products are produced in five countries; USA, Japan, France, Germany and UK. India and China have increased capacity for some product types, but the rest of the world is lacking in local/regional production capacity and the problem associated with this shortfall has been made glaringly apparent because of the Covid-19 pandemic, where a large part of the world is still unable to access lifesaving vaccines and antibodies, largely due to inefficient/centralised supply chain.
  • Although biologics only account for 2% of all prescriptions written in the US, they are responsible for $120 billion or 37% of net drug spending and, since 2014, for 93% of the overall growth in total spending. The industry focus for the next 10 years, as seen by patent filling and clinical trial pipelines shows this trend is only going to grow.
  • Outsourcing to Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO/CDMO) is on the rise with both big pharma and start-up biotech’s stepping up outsourcing activities so they can focus on core research and development activities.
  • Almost 80 percent of drugs require temperature-controlled transportation, and that trend is on the rise. Today’s ever-expanding cold chain requires close consideration of factors such as shipping modes, climate zones, storage capabilities and healthcare settings. Contributing to that rise is the explosion of biologics and personalised medicines, where the growth of temperature-controlled products is continuing at more than double the rate of non-temperature-controlled products. Decentralized supply chain infrastructure will play a key role for the life sciences industry to help reduce carbon offset as mandated by climate change legislation by providing more efficient “last mile” delivery.
Aseem Healthcare biotechnology
pharmaceutical CMO

Aseem healthcare aim on leveraging their inhouse and expert partner network to help businesses grow capacity in key regions. We aim to build on the excellent work done by companies such as Amgen who have led the way in transforming their internal capabilities to support “life science supply chain 2.0”, as showcased in their Singapore facility below. Aseem facilities will be built following the same design principles.

Credits: Amgen Inc: Single Use Modular Facility Design Overview

Our Mission:

Through innovative, disruptive and data driven execution we aim to reshape the healthcare value chain.

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