GMP Pharmaceutical Solutions

Aseem Healthcare is committed to revolutionising the availability of biologics around the world, by supporting key infrastructure projects to help decentralize the biologics and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP) supply chain to make essential medicines affordable to all, in both quality and price.


Our GMP suite of solutions are based on technology solutions that provide a “turn” key approach to bioprocess manufacturing that promote sustainability of biotech products. We see the future as a shift away from capital intensive facilities and fragmented supply chain of today, to rapidly deployable and “process optimised” infrastructures.

Through our network of partners, we seek to leverage our combined core strengths in bioprocess and “scale out” supply chain to help improve patient access life science products.

We are currently building capacity for GMP manufacturing services at different scales (both drug substance and fill finish activities) ranging from 10 L to 2,000 L for a range biotherapeutics including proteins, RNA/DNA, vaccines and Cell therapy products.

Bioprocess configurations will consist of slots of 2/4 2000L Bioreactors (expandable based on customized need) for both commercial and clinical batches.

Cell therapy

Our Cell therapy configurations aim to reduce “vein to vein” time and we support a disruptive, flexible model to meet the demands of both autologous and allogenic cell therapy products. Increased manufacturing costs for these products are creating a negative cost/benefit approval in certain markets and our vision is to support disruptive change in this arena.

GMP in pharmaceutical industry
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