biotech investing and partnering

Biotech Investing / Partnering

Aseem Healthcare via its holding group offers a diverse and attractive investment opportunity.

We operate via a wide variety of corporate structures and our flexibility in our commercial modelling helps us reduce red tape and overly restrictive business practices. Our innovating business model and efficient commercialisation track record in a wide variety of sectors has been built by respected and successful business leaders.

With our strong networks and presence in MENA and SE Asia we seek to promote and expand new relationships that align with key market incentives such as the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 and Saudi Arabia newly established Health Sector Transformation Program in 2021 as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 (click on images below for more detail on each initiative).

Strong Financial back-up by institutional investors in the healthcare space help support our mission and vision of revolution the availability of biologics around the world and lower the price of these essential medicines while maintaining robust quality metrics as required by GMP.

If you are a local/regional partner or a global partner looking to access a new market we can collaborate to :

  • Enhance innovation and knowledge transfer
  • Promote sustainable biomanufacturing with a low carbon footprint
  • Improve efficiency and output in the local market to solve “last mile” supply issues that have plagued vaccines and biologics
  • Support capacity flexing and rapid deployment of manufacturing space to prevent pandemic related “back log” for future

Growth Strategy

Our objective is to provide a satisfactory return to shareholders

We will demonstrate long-term value creation from our emerging and consistent strategy for growth – delivering a stronger value proposition and operating model by:

  • Driving top-line and bottom-line results delivering future upside from growth events
  • Working in partnership with leading manufacturers, brands, independents, specialist suppliers and distribution partners openly and strategically to provide more choice, convenience, pricing and delivery options.
  • Investing heavily to configure our business to meet the evolving needs of customers as a passionate customer centric company providing competitive products and services.
  • Continuing to grow and develop customer markets, geography and expand our product range, brands, network, partnerships and value add services.
  • A robust and strategic human capital growth and retention policy. We believe in employing people who are dedicated to a team oriented, customer focused environment.

Please contact our business development team via email:

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